Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Be Fearless


The Boston Marathon is iconic.  It is the Holy Grail for most runners.  When you tell some one you run marathons, they almost immediately ask you if you’ve run Boston.  My answer has always been, “No I’m not fast enough.”  
What if one day I gave up the fear of failure.  What if I decided I was fearless and that nothing was impossible?  That is exactly what Katherine Switzer did almost 45 years ago when was the first woman to run the Boston Marathon.  I have seen the legendary photos of her wearing bib number 261 and being attacked by a man trying to remove her from the course because women were not allowed to run the event.  She had to have been fearless that day.   
In honor of Katherine’s fearlessness that day, Skirt Sports ( launched a clothing line called 261 Fearless.  Some of the clothes are modernized versions what Katherine wore.  Her baggy, shapeless gray sweatsuit is now super cute and fashionable.  Her classic wrap shirt is transformed into a tank so cute you could wear it to dinner.  Skirt Sports is also having a virtual run on April 18, 2015 called the 261 Fearless.  I’ll be joining the movement and doing my virtual run on a trail near my home.  Skirt Sports goal is to unite with women everywhere to express their freedom to run. No matter if it is your first mile or your 100th mile, be fearless and be free.