Sunday, August 16, 2015

Get Out Of My Way

The Old Farts Marathon
Lowell, MI

     I needed to get out of my own way and forge past a summer of unhealthy eating.  I can’t help it that pizza tastes good and ice cream calls my name.  I enjoy a cold beer or a glass of wine in the evening.  But too many of these indulgences packed on ten extra pounds that just didn’t want to go away.  

It was time to do something about that extra weight and get healthier.  I found a local gym that was having a weight loss challenge and I joined.  I’m three weeks into the six week challenge.  They provided me with a diet plan to speed up weight loss and I go to their boot camp classes five days a week.  I can feel tons of new muscle in my arms and my core is getting so much stronger.  I’m also down 10 pounds so far.  I can see and feel the changes in my body in just three weeks.

     I decided to test out my new found strength at the Fallsburg Old Farts Marathon in Lowell, MI.  They advertise it as the toughest trail marathon this side of the Mississippi River.  It was 26.2 miles of the steepest climbs and descents I've ever seen. Lots of water crossings, sand, mud, steamy prairie and fallen trees to climb over or scurry under. Oh and did I mention it was 91 degrees? To put it this way, it was HARD.  The hardest marathon I have ever done so far.  Here’s the thing, I felt amazing.  I felt strong as I tackled these hills.  I was steadier on my feet when I crossed the streams on wobbly rocks.  Even though my time was not anything to brag about, I  felt great the entire way and I had a smile on my face as I ran across the finish line.  I even scored an award for placing in the women’s masters division.  I’m glad I finally realized that nothing was going to change unless I changed myself first.