Thursday, July 13, 2017

I Run This Town (Part 2: Weeks 5-8)

I Run This Town (Part 2: Weeks 5-8)

Week 5: June 17-23, 2017

       I decided to complete a small section that was a senior living trailer park.  I stopped at the rental office to let them know I would be parking in their lot for about an hour.    Since it was private property, I figured I’d better check in. Here’s the conversation:

Me: Hi, I’m running every street in the town and I’m going to be running your area today.  Is it ok if I park in your lot for an hour?
Lady at reception desk: Is this some kind of a fundraiser?
Me: No.
Lady: Then why would you want to do this?
Me: I thought it would be fun. 
Lady: Well, you know we assume no liability if something happens to you.
Me: Um, okay...thanks?

     They were highly skeptical of my intentions.  Well, the only thing that happened was a few senior citizens waved at me while I took photos of their impossibly cute lawn ornaments.  

Another day I ran in an industrial area.  I passed by the physical therapy office that I went to after my surgery in November.    Some of you may remember I had three screws put in my femoral neck to repair a fracture.  It’s hard to believe that six months ago I was struggling just to walk in the front door of that office.  I also passed the future home of Griffin Claw Brewery.  Dang, can’t wait for that place to open so I can enjoy a nice cold Mr. Blue Sky.

I mailed a package and ran a few miles near the post office.  Someone nearby was cooking bacon and it smelled so good.  There was lots of traffic, yet I still managed my first sub ten minute mile in some time.

Another section was marked off the map when I ran down the Clinton River Trail.  I stopped to visit the site where they found the bones of a mastodon.  It was amazing to know that they roamed this area so many years ago.  While this trail is one of my favorite places, they discovered the bones while breaking ground for my least favorite place on earth...a Walmart.   On this same run I passed through an industrial area where someone did wood carvings.  They were amazing.  I saw them lined up by the fence.  There was wooden dogs (finally one not chasing us), a mermaid, a cobra, an eagle and a guitar.  This guy was quite an artist.  

I still haven’t run with the dogs much, it’s been in the 90’s and muggy.   My Zuzu is healing well from the attack and can walk a mile.  Kirby is missing her runs, she needs to burn off the crazy.  (Anyone with a Border Collie would understand.)

Week 5 Stats:
19.77 miles

Week 6: June 24-30, 2017

I ran a huge section of our local rail trail with my buddy Jeff.  We saw a parade of dogs that were training with Sit Means Sit Dog Training.  Both Kirby and Zuzu did their training there.   

I finished the last section of the Clinton River Trail with Kirby,  my husband joined us on his bike.  Saw a deputy parked on the sidewalk running radar on the busy road.  He moved his car and waved as we went past.  Clearly we weren’t going fast enough, haha.  I won’t count this as a police contact. 

I realized now that I haven’t run the same route in almost two months. I’m no longer stuck in a running rut, every day is different.  

Week 6 Stats:
27.57 miles
Interesting things: Found a little green plastic lizard, it was cool so I kept it.  Saw six deer and two great blue herons.

Week 7: July 1-7, 2017

One day I did a half marathon of hot, hilly subdivisions.  It’s my longest run so far in the city.   Near the Fourth of July, I ran from the city hall and visited the Veterans Memorial Pointe.  I’ve never actually been in the park before.

Ran from the post office after mailing another package.   Again someone was cooking bacon.  Who is this person and why are they torturing me? I found a pink car mailbox to match the blue one I saw weeks ago.  And this little yellow guy was calling me names, that’s just not nice.

It’s rewarding when I finish another square mile of the map.  Today I had to run along a road being repaved and then cross the street at a roundabout.   People don’t know how to do a roundabout.  From what I see, they drive super fast and don’t yield to pedestrians, then get in the wrong lane and slam on their brakes.  
I’ve discovered it’s now super easy to find garage sales because I know so many streets.  Also there was an accident that blocked the road and I knew all the side roads to get around it and make it to work on time.  Hidden benefits to running my town.  

I verify my daily runs with my Garmin watch viewed on my computer to see if I miss any streets.  I realized I missed a street and went back to do it today.  I probably looked like a crazy person as I parked my car on a very short cul-de-sac and got out to run one block.  Hey, I’ve got to keep this legit.  

Week 7 Stats:
30.22 miles

Week 8: July 8-14, 2017

This week started off needing to run a tricky section, a freeway overpass where there was no sidewalk and the shoulder of the road was narrow.  My husband decided the safest way was for him to drop me on one side then wait for a lull in traffic.  Then he drove his vehicle behind me while I sprinted across the bridge.  My Garmin said at one point I was doing a 7:20 mile.  After I safely made it across he left and I finished up my run in a subdivision called Whispering Willows.  Strange name as I didn’t see any willow trees.  Another day I ran down a street called Forest View, the name could not have been further from the truth.  I also found a new subdivision that wasn’t even on my maps.  I ran it anyway.   

Long run day came and I got in another half marathon. It’s still hot and humid and I can’t take either of the dogs with me.  Today, I ran past million dollar homes and saw only two people out in the entire subdivision on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  I saw more deer than people this day, and that’s not a bad thing.

I went out for a few miles in a subdivision only a mile and a half from my house.  I enjoyed watching bunnies hopping around and a hawk fly overhead.  Then much to my surprise, I saw two wild turkeys crossing the road.  That is not a normal sight in the city.  Later I saw on the pavement where kids had drawn a start and finish line.  I decided to participate in their race after the fact.  

I took Kirby out on a a hot and humid day for a short run.  She hadn’t been out with me in a while.   We enjoyed it so much that at one point I looked up and didn’t know where I was. Then I saw my car and realized I was repeating a street I’d already run.  Dang, I kind of knew this would happen one day.  That I would get lost in my thoughts and forget to make a turn.  I guess I should be happy it took me eight weeks for that to happen. 

Week 8 Stats:
25.58 miles
I realized why my city name ends with the word “hills.”  
Miles this 4 weeks: 103.14
Total miles since start: 185.12